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Thursday, August 12, 2004

"So, Yeah," DVDs on the Dash, and Whatnot

So, yeah, somebody - Mama Dog, to be precise - finally asked me why I start every post with "So, yeah," and, in the time-honoured tradition of poets and juvenile delinquents everywhere, I boldly and forthrightly answered, "I'unno" (mumble, shuffle). In the first post, I did it as a means of suggesting that the reader is somehow entering a conversation (an incredibly one-sided one) already in progress. Then I thought maybe it could be my "thing," 'cause you need a "thing" in the rough-and-tumble game of blo- er, Favershamming. Now it's just habit, and if there's anything a careful reading of my previous post should tell you, there's not much to be done about that.

You know what name I've noticed isn't very popular for boys anymore? Gepetto.

Here's a story hot off the AP wire from July 28 (see? - there is a benefit to waiting a couple weeks and reading the thing thoroughly): a guy in Alaska driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee drifted over the double yellow line and crashed into an oncoming car, killing both its occupants. The driver was distracted, say prosecutors, because he was - wait for it - no, really, give it a second - WATCHING A MOVIE ON HIS DASHBOARD DVD PLAYER! Don't that beat putting makeup on in rush hour all hollow? Now I admit I'm a tad behind the times in matters such as automotive accessories (and also the hip lingo the kids are using these days, but that's a digression), but I had no idea there even were dashboard DVD players. Evidently, they're supposed to work only when the vehicle's in park, but can be (as in this case) overridden by the determined motorist who wants to - and I can't help but place emphasis here again - WATCH TV WHILE HE DRIVES! Now, God knows people are predisposed to do a lot of stupid things, which is why we have a Darwin Awards. (This guy is ineligible for the Darwins because he killed somebody else instead of himself, but I have confidence he'll get one someday.) But did it not occur to anybody on the crack DaimlerChrysler liability team that having a TV on the dashboard might constitute just the teensiest possible distraction while operating a motor vehicle? Calling Ralph Nader! Better use of your time right here, if you were looking for one!

Oh, yes. What added insult to fatality here is, the movie was Road Trip. Can you imagine having to tell the victims' family that their loved ones perished because some nimrod was just too engrossed in the hijinks of Tom Green to watch the road? But no, I don't suppose anyone would expect a guy watching TV while driving a Jeep to be watching anything by, say, Alain Resnais, and it would be small comfort to the survivors to know that the driver would have been playing closer attention to the road if the thing had been dubbed instead of subtitled.

Li'l puppy slept almost 8-1/2 hours last night, shattering her old record of 7. Can regular full-night sleeping be around the corner? I dare not speculate, lest I jinx.

Got out of the house a bit yesterday, while Mama Dog and Baby Dog took a road trip to far-off San Leandro. Went into Berkeley and saw The Manchurian Candidate, which seems blurrily timely after having been so absorbed by the Good Guys' convention and by the ongoing antics of the Bad Guys. Probably Jonathan Demme's best movie since Philadelphia, but really, he needs to stop doing remakes of good 60s movies, because they always pale in comparison.

Newspaper Update: As you can see from the above, I've been diligent. Finished July 27 and 28. Still making progress, maybe not fast enough, but hey - August, here we come!


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