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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Still More Random Crap

Not too much to say today – I’m all wore out from figuring out how to put the silly poll in the sidebar. I had a bit of a panic when I first set it up. Stupid Bravenet doesn’t give any warning that the default format includes one’s name in the title at the top of the poll box. I was aghast when I saw my actual name, which I’ve gone to such absurd lengths to avoid, showing up on my faversham. I scrambled to delete it, but right at that moment Baby Pirate arrived to be babysat for a few hours. Isn’t that always the way? I managed to juggle code-deleting and door-answering adroitly enough that I had the poll deleted before anybody but two random nextbloggers had a chance to see it. Took forever after that to work out how to have it say, as it should, “Papa Dog’s Mini Poll.” Happily, Baby Pirate is the sort of tyke who enjoys sitting on a lap whilst computing takes place (as opposed to Baby Dog, who’d rather be in the swing), so multi-tasking was not too difficult.

Hats off to everyone out there with twins, trips, or more, by the way. Having the two girls for just a few hours was really pretty easy. They took turns with everything; eating, napping, being cranky, so nothing got too stressful. But I can imagine how much harder it would be having two infants than one, particularly in those relentless early weeks.

And I’ll be letting the poll sit where it is for a while, if it’s all the same to you. The topic will change at irregular intervals, so look at it from time to time.

Forgot to mention the other day – Chris Rock’s going to host the academic awards! I can’t believe the Academy codgers have managed to come this close to being au courant. Chris Rock’s peak of relevance is barely three years old, as opposed to Whoopsi’s, which was sometime around 1986 or so. I’m now officially looking forward to the Oscars this year. I hope he manages to find a way to do something close to his own thing in that hidebound pabulumised context.

And even older news that I forgot to comment on at the time - Conan O’Brien’s the designated replacement for Leno? How pissed would you be if you were David Letterman? You get passed over for the promotion you’ve been waiting eleven years for, you go to another company – and eleven years later the boss gives that dream job to the guy who replaced you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we like hearing about the baby, but we love hearing about mama dog too! we didn't get a choice to choose mama dog!
just a thought from
beantown anonymous

7:52 PM  
Blogger Twizzle said...

Another poll item could be "Papadog's obsession with the stats of his mini-poll."

Mama Dog

5:04 PM  

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