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Saturday, July 09, 2005

This Is the Week that Was

Too pooped to do a real post, but:

We went out for dinner with the Pirate family tonight, and in the course of telling them my big news (which I won’t discuss here, but which you’re free to enquire about personally by email if you don’t know it already and are at all curious about it), it occurred to us that the last seven days have been particularly momentous for our poker group:

• I had my big news that I won’t talk about
• Mama Dog got her dream job
• The Mircat got married
• El Dingo and La Dinga bought a house
• Papa Pirate single-handedly settled the BART strike
• La Dinga arrived in London half an hour after the bombs blew up
• The Kitty’s book came out (and he left the house!)
• R-word the fake BART cop passed some class or something (I didn’t get all the details)
• Bernardo…uh, well I guess nothing really happened with Bernardo. His timing was off, having gotten married months ago.

Funny how these things all managed to cluster together in the space of seven days.


Blogger Judy said...

Been a busy week around there!

8:52 PM  

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