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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Baby Thrashin'*

Last night was the first time in a while I’ve been around for Baby Dog’s bath time, and the new development seems to be: hey Mikey, she likes it! She still opens her eyes wide in surprise when her bum first hits the water, but that’s soon followed by unmistakable signs of delight, manifested mostly in terms of vigorous kicking and splashing. All four chubby little limbs were in constant motion throughout bath time, whipping the lovingly mediumed water into a froth and converting the moulded plastic wash tub into a seething vortex of fun. She kept looking up at me and giving me her biggest grin. The only thing that made her hold still was when I lifted her forward so that Mama Dog could soap her back. Mama Dog and I agreed that she’s probably ready for a trip to the swimming pool sometime soon.

Today, I finally got around to assembling the Sesame Street 3-in-1 Baby Explorer that we received as a gift from a Pigeon when we were down in Santa Barbara in August. I don’t know why it’s taken me three months to get around to it. Lack of a space to put it, I suppose – the Ocean Wonders swing and bouncy chair take up most o the available baby toy space. That, and we put the box in a cupboard after we got back from SB. Out of sight, out of mind. Now, however, Baby Dog’s on the verge of outgrowing the swing and the toy bar on the bouncy chair seems to be crapped no matter how many fresh batteries we put in. Seemed like maybe it was time to give her a fresh playtime option.

This was an immediate success, eliciting exactly the same kind of four-limbed exultation we saw last night in the tub. Maybe she’s just a spaz? No, it does seem directly related to the activity. Every time one of her random thrashings caused the toy to make a noise, Baby Dog would squeal and beam. It seemed a hit. Better still, the thing’s supposed to last into toddlerhood, converting into different uses along the way. BUT – there’s always a but – if you followed the link to the Amazon page in the last paragraph, you might have noticed that almost all the reviews were negative, including one from somebody who thinks the toy’s dangerous and should be recalled. From the sound of it, that person assembled the thing incorrectly, but still, we’ll keep an eye on. Doesn’t seem to be much danger right now, as the first stage just involves lying her on her back and letting her bat things. The key thing: she stopped fussing! She stopped crying! She played with Elmo or whichever one that was! I guess I’ll learn the difference in the coming years!
*That is, "The baby was thrashing about," not "I thrashed the baby." In case that was unclear.


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