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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A Wee Unnecessary Clarification

For those who don’t dig into the comments, here’s what Charles said about my post from earlier today:

“Wait, wait, wait. Just this week you tried to reassure your readership that there's no reason to be paranoid about your obsessive tracking of hits and now you're attacking one of the readers hitting your site (albeit with the use of good deductive logic). Are you trying to win a job in the Homeland Security office?”

A good point, and one that requires clarification lest I once again cause everyone to flee in terror from my obsessive curiosity. I know that the people who read this stuff regularly are fine upstanding folk, and I wouldn’t dream of bugging their homes or helping myself to their credit reports, even if I knew how. People who come in through random weird search criteria, though – particularly the ones who come in from Yahoo! – are fair game for mockery. I’m frankly baffled when I see that somebody has searched Yahoo!* for “dog’s (sic) fucking my neighbor (sic) in the ass” and then clicked on what’s obviously a site written by a new father talking about how his daughter is the centre of the cosmos. Such a person deserves any and all reserves of sarcasm at my disposal, if for no other reason than their abuse of the noble apostrophe. As for those who come to evaluate my consumer opinions at the bidding of their corporate masters, they, like the contractors on the Death Star, knew the dangers when they signed up for the job.

My main point, though, bears repeating: THAT CASCADE PURE RINSE STUFF BLOWS!!!

(And of course I'd consider working for the Department of Fatherland Security, but it's as unlikely that any government job could meet my extravagent salary demands as it is that I could ever pass even the earliest stages of the screening process. In fact, I think I already blew my interview by calling it "Fatherland Security" here.)
*For some reason, it’s always Yahoo! – hence the name, I suppose.


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