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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Brain on Vacation on a Rainy Carless Bunny Sunday

We’ve been housebound today because the auto is kaput. It failed to start yesterday when Mama Dog went out to go to the Berkeley Bowl. She called AAA – you may be as surprised as I was to learn that “AAA” refers not to a small battery but to some sort of Association for Automobiles they have here in America – and a fellow from that service came and gave her a jump. No, don’t be alarmed; that just means he attached wires from his truck to her car to recharge the battery, not that they had sex. I made the same mistake and went after the guy with an axe,* so Mama Dog had to use a fake name when the car failed to start at the Berkeley Bowl and she had to call them again.

Anyway, the car failed to start again this morning, so it’s going to spend tomorrow at the vet’s. We didn’t really have any big plans for today and most places are closed on account of the holiday where the bunny got nailed to a chocolate cross or something like that, so it didn’t put a crimp into anything in particular, but still. The trip to El Cerrito to get a new stopper for the back toilet got put off, and you can imagine into what kind of a tizzy that could throw a fellow.

To add insult to injury, it turned rainy in the late afternoon. I had been planning to take Doggy Dog out for his afternoon perambulation, but it was coming down more than somewhat, so I decided to wait it out. We went out during a lull, but it started to come down again halfway through our route. Fortunately, it didn’t come in full force until we were home safe and dry. Rainy day, no car. At least I finally got to watch last Monday’s episode of The Shield. I screwed up the VCR setting and only got the first 15 minutes of it. Fortunately, I know a bunch of people who tape it regularly, so a backup didn’t prove difficult to come by.

I had time to read today and finished The End of the Affair. Odd that I should come to the end of one of Graham Greene’s more overtly Catholic books on an Easter Sunday. If I was one of the characters in the book, I would surely think that God was trying to tell me something. I’m not, though, so conclusions will remain undrawn.

Didn’t I promise five substantive posts in a row? I guess I did. I can’t even plead that I’ve been too busy today, because other than taking care of Baby Dog I’ve mostly been bumming around and watching TV. The grey cells appear inactive, and I think I’ll bow to their wishes and give them the rest of the night off.
*No, really, don’t be alarmed. I’m making up this part for comic effect…or am I?


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