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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Use the Word "Uxoricidal" in a Sentence (and that's about it, more's the pity)

It’s been a long day and stuff has happened, but most of it is stuff I’m disinclined for one reason or another to discuss here, so this post is a bit of a struggle. What to talk about? It was a big day in tawdry California murder trials. Death for Scott Peterson and freedom for Robert Blake. I’d assumed guilt in both cases for all the usual inadequate reasons; in Peterson’s case because he dyed his hair, grew a goatee, and was a half-bright self-satisfied dick; in Blake’s case because he was really creepy when he came up to Bill Pullman at that party and said that he’d been to Pullman’s house before and in fact was there right now and then Pullman called his own house and Blake answered. Shit, that’s a wife-killer right there. Also, it’s generally known – or at least I’ve read it in books – that it’s usually the spouse in cases like that, so there you go. Guilty, guilty, guilty. But what do I know? I’m just a newspaper-skimming ignoramus. The jury said the prosecution didn’t make the case, and I’m sure that’s true. That gang has a history of fumbling the prosecution of uxoricidal celebrities.

Well, this is by far the lamest post I’ve done in a raccoon’s age, but this is going to have to suffice for today. Miles to go before I sleep.


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