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Friday, April 08, 2005

The Truth About the Fake Story

I bet you thought I forgot I said I’d put up the answer to the April Fool’s Day puzzle today.

So, this poll has probably been the most widely responded to of any I’ve put up so far. Which gives you an idea of how few people usually vote in my polls. The final results are:

SB Film Festival – 5 votes (17%)
The bellboy and the deer in Jasper – 12 votes (40%)
Police on Parker Street – 9 votes (30%)
Palmetto bug – 3 votes (10%)
Pirates announcing parenthood – 1 vote (3%)

These numbers are slightly bogus. I knew Mama Dog would be the first to vote and that she would vote for the correct answer, having lived through two of the stories and heard the other two from me before. To avoid a telltale early lead, I entered bogus votes for the other four. So that one vote for the Pirates is really me; only two people voted for the Palmetto bug and only four for the film festival. Most of you were split on what seemed more unlikely: a deer taking a crap on a guy’s bicycle seat or a cop (even a Berkeley cop) saying, “Did you see a bunch of guys with guns like us who weren’t cops?” The cop story looked like a runaway winner early on, but gradually the deer and the bellboy took over the lead and held it.

So – 40% of you (actually, I guess it’s 44% once you adjust for the bogus votes) have fully functioning bullshit detectors. The deer and the bellboy story was the made up one. The cops looking for the guys with guns story was on the level. You can ask Bernardo if you don’t believe me. He wasn’t on the stairwell when it happened, but I told him the whole thing as soon as I got into the apartment. That was one weird night. We never did find out what the whole thing was about. If they were busting neighbours in the building, we never found out about it.

Tangentially – Ambrose didn’t vote, but we traded a couple of emails on the subject. He was leaning towards voting for the “Pirates announcing parenthood” story. That Ambrose. Of everyone I know, only his worldview is so skewed that he’d think I’d make up such a story about the day I knew I was going to be a father.

Well, that was fun. I think I’ll do something like this again sometime in the near future, only I’ll try to make it a little harder for you 44%. Do keep checking back.


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