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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hastily Jotted Stuff

Saw Cinderella Man today in offensively hot downtown Orinda - all by myself, Mama Dog and Baby Dog staying at home with Halmonie. If nothing else, the movie made me feel pretty dang happy about our economic and housing situation. Watching a story about a family of five living in a one-room flop with three kids in a bed and no money to pay the heating bill in wintertime really made me appreciate how much we have. I’ll try to bear that in mind next time I’m moved to complain that we don’t have enough room for all our stuff.

We kept trying to go out and do something with the Pirates all day but the babies’ nap schedules were hopelessly out of synch. Maybe next weekend.

Dinner tonight at La Mediterranée with Les Mageux (or the Dingi, if you prefer). They brought a late birthday present which for some reason caused Baby Do to burst into tears when it was opened. “She just woke up,” I said apologetically, though it occurs to me now that Baby Dog is usually in her best mood right after she wakes up. I think maybe the nap wasn’t long enough. It had been a generally cranky afternoon, too. La Dinga told us about her travails in England, headed for London on 7/7, on a train destined for King’s Cross just an hour behind the bombers.

Tomorrow begins our first full work week as a two-job household. Wish Mama Dog well adjusting. It’s a tough time for her.


Blogger Judy said...

My older son used to react that way to people, too...usually when his day was out of synch. Sometimes he would be overstimulated and burst out crying at people, too - and usually it was when I thought he *wasn't* overstimulated, LOL.

8:09 AM  

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