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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Still a Streak Saver, But Slightly Better than Usual, I Think. You Tell Me.

But no, I’m again starting too late and too tired to say much of anything. So I skip the Neighbourhood Parents’ Group Picnic of yesterday morning and last night’s visit with C&N in North Beach, except to say that if you think going down those big-ass San Francisco hills in an automobile is a nerve-racking experience, try doing it wheeling your one-year-old child in a stroller bereft of power brakes or any gear options between “parental deathgrip” and “runaway carriage.” We had to go downhill on Jones from Green to Union - if you don’t know San Francisco you probably won’t appreciate quite what I’m talking about, but those streets descend at angles of 45° or worse. I tried not to, but couldn’t help thinking of Eisenstein and his damn Odessa Steps. The trip back up the hill after supper was harder physical labour, but at least I didn’t feel the whole way like my child was about to go careening over a precipice. She’d have to roll over me first to manage that.

In other stuff – Mama Dog goes back to work Tuesday. Halmonie arrived today and is going to be our live-in baby helper for the next bunch of weeks while we negotiate the transition to daycare. We are all girded for a paradigm shift. Except Baby Dog, of course, who has no clue what’s coming.

Oh – Baby Dog expanded her repertoire of toy-kissing through the last week, until she was kissing pretty much every inanimate object in sight but not her parents. It seemed like she was kissing things to thank them for having been fun. Anything amusing or diverting got kissed. At C&N’s, she banged on their radiator grille with her hand, laughed, and then kissed it. Kiss kiss, heater. Thank you for getting dust on my hands and lips! This morning, though, in a stuffed-bird-kissing frenzy, Baby Dog kissed me. I suspect it might have been accidental, but I’ll take what I can get and gratefully go down in the record books as the first human recipient of a Baby Dog kiss.


Blogger Judy said...

Will be thinking of MD tomorrow as she embarks on her new career path. Wow.

The closest thing I get to a kiss so far is a bite on the cheek. Too bad it leaves a nasty mark!

11:53 AM  

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