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Monday, July 11, 2005

Kiss Kiss Birdy

Sometime during halmonie’s last visit, Baby Dog learned to kiss. Specifically, she learned to kiss the little toy birds that came with the toy birdhouse she received as a Dol present from the Whippets. She presses the little birdy beaks against her mouth and makes smacking noises. In the course of this latest wrinkle of her ongoing avian fetish, Baby Dog has again expanded her vocabulary. If you say, “Kiss kiss the birdy,” she will obligingly pick up the nearest bird toy and give it a smack on the beak. Moreover, she’s managed to say the words “kiss” and “bird” herself somewhat clearly in the last few days.

Gradually, she expanded her kissing repertoire to other toys. We have found her many a morning full-on making out with her long-term boyfriend, Fernando Llama (another gift from the Whippets, now that I think of it – they seem to have an inside track on Baby Dogs plush toy libido). She has also been seen to kiss Hermione the Hippo and the as-yet-unnamed mallard. This weekend, Baby Dog was playing with Mama Dog’s red water bottle, and I was very surprised to see her give the bottle a kiss. “She loves your water bottle,” I told Mama Dog. Baby Dog kissed it again.

The saddest thing about all this, of course, is that she still has yet to kiss either of us. “Kiss kiss the birdy?” I’ll say, and she’ll scramble all the way across the room to find a birdy to kiss. “Kiss kiss Daddy?” I’ll say, holding her in my arms and angling my cheek toward her for easy bussing access, and she’ll flip her head to the side, suddenly absorbed in the fascinating intricacies of the door moulding. I was okay with this when the competition was plush toys. I can see how much more inviting it is to kiss a bug-eyed anthropomorphised critter made of soft fabric that scruff ol’ scratchy-faced Daddy. But now I’m second fiddle to a water bottle? I tell ya, man. That hurts.


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