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Monday, July 11, 2005

Weird Google Thing

Somebody from Germany Googled me today with this phrase: “another word for raincoats in english is the surname of a scottish chemist who patented them.” Strangely, I was Googled from Germany with that exact same phrase sometime a month or few back. My guess it that it’s a question that appears in some English-language class in Germany, and only a couple of the students have been too lazy to do the reading themselves. Why my page gets the hits, I don’t know. I guess all those words appear in the faversham somewhere or other. Certainly “Scottish” does. Having now included the exact phrase in its entirety, I expect to get more such hits. So, in the interest of encouraging sloth and apathy among German youth, here is the answer: Macintosh. I don’t know the chap’s full name, but the English certainly call raincoats Macintoshes (or macs – rarely, if ever, worn by bankers in the pouring rain), and Macintosh is definitely a Scottish surname.

If it so happens that you’ve come to this page by Googling that phrase – from Germany or wherever – please do me the favour of posting a comment and explaining why.


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