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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Home Alone, Day 1

Mama Dog was feeling well enough to travel this morning, and Baby Dog seemed to be doing okay as well. She was still warm, but her temperature wasn’t as high. I accompanied them to the airport, seeing them through to the security gate. I haven’t been in an airport in a while. Land sakes, it’s different from when I was a kid. Air used to be a classy way to travel – helpful ticketing staff, deferential flight crews, clean, orderly, efficient terminals designed to get you where you’re going in ease and comfort. Now they’re bus stations where you have to take off your shoes to get in. If you’re traveling economy, you’re herded into something that resembles the line for toilet paper at the GUM store in 1975 and the agents bark orders at you from behind the counter. Now I kind of understand what my parents meant when they talked about how people used to dress up to go to the movies.

Baby Dog was asleep by the time Mama Dog had checked in, so I couldn’t tell her exactly how much her Daddy was going to miss her for the next two days, but Mama Dog promised to relay the message. I had a long lonely BART ride back but at least I had a brand new book to read. Amusingly, the BART ride from SFO back to Rockridge is longer than the airplane flight from SFO to Santa Barbara. If we hadn’t left so early for check it, they’d have landed before I got home. As it was, I’d lunched and lazed for a while before Mama Dog called to tell me they’d made it okay. Baby Dog suffered a bout of motion sickness on landing, and continued to be barfy later on. Apparently the combination of the cold and the first experience with air travel was not a good one. She seems to be doing okay now, though.

Mama Dog, are you reading this? I miss my girls.


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