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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Baby Dog Revises My Viewing Schedule

So, yesterday when Mama Dog and Halmonie were out lunching and shopping and Baby Dog was down for her nap, I took advantage of the interval to get caught up with the unfortunately and unjustly condemned Arrested Development. After that, I was going to give Reunion one last chance to not suck, but got interrupted by a phone call. I switched off the VCR and saw that somehow the TV was not set to the Home Shopping Network or the TV Guide Channel, but to whatever channel broadcasts Celebrity Poker. Bravo, I guess. There was Dave Foley, looking like an upper strip bottom feeder after a three-day bender, introducing third-string TV faces with some time on their hands. I got caught up in my phone call, and talked for quite a while. By the time I was done, Mama Dog and Halmonie had returned, and some time after that Baby Dog was up, so teevee viewing was done for the day.

Halmonie looked after Baby Dog in the living room while Mama Dog and I took Doggy Dog for a walk and did various and sundry other things. I put away the dishes, got the poker stuff ready. We had an earlyish supper. Sometime in the very late afternoon or early evening, I sat down on the couch to get the VCR for the evening taping. I was very surprised to see the counter on the display clicking away seconds. It took a moment for me to focus, then my hair stood on end and my eyes bugged out; the thing was recording.

“Oh,” Mama Dog said, “Baby Dog grabbed the remote and did something with it, but my mom wasn’t sure what, so she just put the remote out of reach.” Ay ay ay. The remotes are among Baby Dog’s most coveted play items. I take the batteries out and let he have her way with them. She has even learned to say “mote troll” for “remote control.” Unfortunately, nobody prepped this particular mote troll for her, and she had gone straight for the big, friendly red button marked “Rec.” Thanks to Baby Dog, I no longer have to decide whether or not to keep giving Reunion another chance. Nor do I ever have to see the episode of Numb3rs following it on the tape. I don’t think I’m going to take the time to watch the three hours of Celebrity Poker that I have instead, but it’s the thought that counts.


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