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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Our Sixth Wedding Anniversary, Part II (the Day of)

We now have a firmly established tradition of giving one another anniversary gifts linked however tenuously to the “traditional” list of gifts. They’re often irreverent, impractical, or jokey gifts. For our second anniversary, the cotton anniversary, we both thought exactly the same way; I got Mama Dog a copy of Shadow of a Doubt and she gave me a copy of The Third Man’s soundtrack – both movies starring Joseph Cotten. Last year, for our fifth anniversary, I got Mama Dog a copy of Beavis and Butt-Head Do America because the fifth is the…huhuhuhuhuhuh…wood anniversary. Not to worry; I got her a real gift, too.

About a month ago I told Mama Dog, “I just ordered your anniversary present.” “Oh,” she said. “Did you get ‘Iron Man’ by Black Sabbath?” “Hah, that’d be a good one,” I said. I hung up and hung my head, having just finished ordering “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath. And here’s how not a headbanger I was in high school…I didn’t even realise it until the thing arrived, but ”Iron Man” by Black Sabbath is a compilation released in the late 90s, available only on import. The album I thought I was buying, the one from 1970 with “Iron Man” on it, was Paranoid. At least Mama Dog likes the collection, which is all early 70s tracks.

When Mama Dog handed me my present, I sank beneath its weight. I hefted the gaily wrapped package. “This feels like it’s made of iron,” I said. I opened it up and burst out laughing. It was a 15 pound anvil. “Great,” quoth I, “all I need now is a coyote.”

I had told Mama Dog that we would be taking a family excursion Saturday morning, but wouldn’t tell her any more than that. When it came time to leave, I said we were going to Diesel Books. This was something of a prevarication, but a plausible one. The way to Diesel more or less passes by Bloomies, where her bouquet was waiting. Being unable to think of an easily obtainable flower with “iron” in the name, I had requested a bouquet with a colour scheme evoking iron. I asked for rusts and, if possible, something close to silver. They did awfully well with the silver part at least, with these weird furry silvery fronds whose name escapes me now.

Mama Dog posed all our anniversary gifts together and took a photo, which I tender for your inspection.

After Bloomies, we went on to Diesel so as not to make a liar of me. Baby Dog browsed through board books to her little heart’s content and for once I managed to leave without buying anything. It’s been an exceptionally pleasant anniversary weekend. The warm glow still pervades.


Anonymous Big Sister said...

Happy Sixth to both of you!

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