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Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Whirlwind Visit

Charles just did a whirlwind tour of the East Bay. Though he stayed at our place we saw him comparatively little and Mama Dog less so than I. We dined at Shen Hua Tuesday night and then came home to sample one of the kind gifts he brought with him. Then he went out to do young single man things while we stayed in to do old married with children people things (i.e., collapse into a stuporous sleep at 9:30).

Wednesday was my day off, and Charles, Baby Dog, and I went out for coffee to a place Charles would not normally go. Afterwards, we stopped in at a place Charles probably would normally go, but Baby Dog and I spent the interval in the section he probably wouldn’t normally notice – the baby books. I tell myself it’s because I’m getting bored with the selection at home, but really I think I’m just incapable of visiting a book store with Baby Dog without buying something for her. In this case, we left with four new books for Baby Dog.

Charles had a series of appointments in the afternoon, so around the time I got Baby Dog down for her midday nap, he took off for Berkeley and I was left to my usual Wednesday naptime devices. Normally that means I watch teevee, but I had a bunch of chores that needed doing, so the time was mostly spent doing them. Charles and I had vague plans to meet up again after supper but before Mama Dog headed off to yoga, but the logistics of it just couldn’t be wrassled into control. I hadn’t considered how early it’s getting dark these days; any Berkeley rendezvous with Charles would mean strolling Baby Dog home on Telegraph after dark, and that just wasn’t going to fly with the authorities. At the same time, Mama Dog decided that the logistics of her getting to yoga weren’t quite working out either, mostly because she was too tired. The upshot was, Charles now had a hole in his schedule which he promptly filled with more young single man things and Mama Dog and I had a quiet evening at home spent once again doing old married with children people things. We got to sleep at an indecently decent hour, and I was uncommon well rested in the morning.

We saw our guest off this morning and went back to the workaday. Charles is off to Texas now to do an informal survey of the displaced Louisianan population. Baby Dog’s asleep now, Mama Dog’s finally off at her long-deferred yoga class, it’s twelve minutes to nine, and I’m wondering if this is too ridiculously early a time to go to sleep. Bon voyage, Charles! Come back soon!


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