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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Late Breaking Bulletin

I was engrossed in some freelance work a little while ago when I heard a banging clanging noise. It didn’t recur, so I figured it was just Halmonie doing something in the basement. A while later I heard another thump that seemed to be coming from the bedroom. I asked Mama Dog if she’d made a noise but she hadn’t. I went in to Baby Dog’s room and found her sleeping soundly up against the bars of her crib. Sometimes when she flails about in her sleep, she thumps the crib rails against the wall, so I figured that’s what the second noise was. Then I heard Doggie Dog whining to be let in. He wandered in to the bedroom and greeted Mama Dog, who exclaimed, “Oh, gross!” Doggy Dog had set his chin on the bed and left a smear of blood on the quilt. We examined his muzzle and found a little blood on his chin. Déjà vu all over again. I put on my shoes and grabbed the MagLite and went out to do a quadrant search of the back yard. I checked the side alleys first because they always seem to be the action areas when prey wanders into the yard. I didn’t find anything, but when I came back up the narrow north alley, I practically stepped on the possum remains. I hadn’t seen it on the way in because it was behind the big tub we use to put beverages on ice during barbecues.* So, if you’re keeping track, the body count since we’ve had Doggy Dog is one cat, one squirrel, and now one possum. I surely hope the raccoons steer clear.
*That’ll be getting a good bleaching before the next party, rest assured.


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