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Saturday, January 28, 2006

One of those Things that Happens in a Room Full of Parents

So the Kenilus decided we had to have another Babypalooza and volunteered to host at their house. It took some wrangling and some date changing, but the Pirates, the Whippets, and we were all able to get there this morning. For reasons that elude memory now, we were the last to show up, having left home about fifteen minutes after the appointed hour of arrival. One thing about going to an all-baby event; nobody gives you any crap for being late.

So we were all up in the Kenilus’ loft room drinking caffeinated beverages and eating bagels and fruit salad when someone ventured the opinion that there was a fart in the air. All eight parents immediately had the same idea – dirty diaper – and simultaneously all four children got lifted up for a smell check. Really, simultaneous. It was like a diaper-smelling drill team. Quite a sight. This is the only kind of gathering I know of where four people can simultaneously smell four other people’s bums and have nobody think it amiss.

The diapers were all clean, by the way. We’re assuming the culprit was one of the four who have neither shame nor self-control.


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