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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Valentine’s Day

Tonight, Mama Dog and I took advantage of Halmonie’s babysitting services to go out for dinner a deux. Mama Dog selected Café Rouge as our destination. On the way there, she commented that she’d thought of going there for Valentine’s Day, but knew how difficult it would be to get a reservation and how many other things we’ll have going on that week anyway. That led to a shared rumination on the pointlessness of such manufactured holidays and why we should be expected to set aside one “love day” per year when we so pointedly love and cherish one another day in and day out. “Why the 14th?” Mama Dog asked. “Why not the day before, or the day after?” “Well, why don’t’ we just have Valentine’s Day dinner at Café Rouge tonight?” I asked. So that’s what we did. It was the most atypical V-Day dinner I’ve ever had – probably because nobody else had noticed that it was Valentine’s Day on February 1st. The place was half-empty when we arrived and there was precious little canoodling to be seen. Mostly, the place seemed to be catering to people who’d just gotten off work. We had a good, leisurely meal, and talked about things other than whether or not we remember the cow (a recurrent inquiry from Baby Dog). I even had a glass of wine. We didn’t linger after dessert because we both missed our girl, but it was a very pleasant Valentine’s dinner, not least because we acknowledged that it takes more than one little day in the shortest month of the year to contain the love we have for each other.


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Oh, Papa Dog... Baby, YOU'RE the best!

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