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Monday, March 06, 2006

Poor Baby Dog

I kept thinking through the weekend that Baby Dog was getting over her cold. The fever was gone, and she seemed more active and playful, though her appetite was still diminished. Then last night she woke up crying several times during the night, clearly in discomfort but unable to articulate the problem. Nothing seemed to help, and in the end all we could do was let her cry herself back to sleep. Very very sad.

After that miserable night, it was clear that Baby Dog had to stay home from daycare. Halmonie came over to watch her while we were at work. It turned out to be just as rough a day as it had been a night. Baby Dog cried all day, wouldn’t eat, and didn’t want to play. She just curled up and cried. Halmonie finally called Mama Dog, who called Doctor Chuck-Morris, and got us an afternoon appointment. Diagnosis: ear infection. No wonder. She prescribed some amoxicillin and advised plenty of fluids, which was the one thing Baby Dog was reliably taking anyway.

When I got home, Baby Dog was curled up in her crib, Halmonie leaning over and whispering to her. I said hi, but the little girl didn’t even look up. I’ve never seen her in such sad shape before. We brought her into the living room and laid her down on a blanky, where she cried and asked repeatedly for us to squeeze Piggy (which makes him oink – she usually can’t manage to find the oink button herself). Squeezing Piggy is one of her comfort mechanisms, and she asked for it over and over. We were all sitting around her, shaking our heads sadly, when all of a sudden Baby Dog sprang up and toddled over to the coffee table to cover. It was like a switch flipped. One moment she was sobbing, curled up in foetal position, the next she was full of vim if not quite in the usual amount. No idea what made the difference, but I was glad to see it. Maybe the amoxicillin finally kicked in. She even ate a little cottage cheese and fruit for supper.

We put her to bed after supper with a little dose of Baby Tylenol, and she’s been sleeping soundly ever since. Fortunately, I’m home tomorrow anyway so she can stay home again. I hope the antibiotics do their work soon. It’s terrible to watch your child in such discomfort.


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