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Sunday, February 26, 2006

New Tunes for Baby Dog

This week I added a couple of songs to Baby Dog’s Greatest Hits on the Napster. One was Leon Redbone’s version of Johnny Mercer’s Lazybones. I figured Baby Dog would like that – there’s something about Mr. Redbone that seems inherently child-friendly – but I was surprised how quickly and thoroughly she embraced it. She learned the name of the song on first listen, and now by the time she hears the first few notes of Redbone’s whistled intro, she exclaims “Lazybones!”

The other addition is my countryman Bruce Cockburn’s* Wondering Where the Lions Are. It’s always struck me as sounding something like a children’s song, and Baby Dog likes lions, so it seemed there might be a connection. I don’t think it’s caught on with her quite yet, but I’m giving it time. I look forward to the day when I hear her singing “I’m thinking ‘bout eternity/Some kind of ecstasy got a hold on me.” Or even better, “Huge orange flying boat rises off a lake/Thousand-year-old petroglyphs doing a double-take.” If she repeats that one, you can be sure I’ll post about it.
*For the foreigners: he pronounces it “Coe-burn.” For obvious reasons.


Anonymous Mama Dog Duvalier said...

I've added some tunes to Baby Dog's Greatest Hits, too:

- Here's to You... Joan Baez
- Both Sides Now ... Joni Mitchell
- Blue Moon ... Billie Holliday
- Stewball... Peter, Paul, and Mary

Hmmm, I seem to be on some sort of sixties folk kick here.

9:30 AM  

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