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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Some of the Stuff Baby Dog's Been Saying Lately

“It is Mummy!” or “It is Daddy!” (exclaimed happily when whichever one of us “it is” walks into her room first thing in the morning)

“Start ‘ginning?” (meant as a request to read a particular book from the beginning)

“Beautiful owl!” (carefully enunciated and used to refer either to one of the owl pictures that adorn the refrigerator or to her stuffed owl from the Owl Babies book)

“Bouncy girl!” (exclaimed gleefully after Daddy has bounced her on the couch)

“Ankle nibbles!” (request for the new changing time game, companion to the more traditional “toe nibbles”; both are soon to be supplanted by “heel nibbles”)

“Careful Daddy!” (spoken with confidence at meal time when bib is being donned; Daddy has explained that she need not fear her hair being pinched by the bib snap because she has a very careful Daddy – said reassurance required because of a hair-pinching incident involving another unnamed though not necessarily less careful family member)

“Peace!” (used to refer to the dove pictured on the quilt over her window, which Mummy has explained is a symbol of peace)

“Patience” (spoken pre-emptively when she exhibits a lack thereof and knows she’s about to get called on it)


Blogger Twizzle said...

She also refers to her Napster playlist as "Tunes." Very hip. Very Spicoli.

7:43 AM  

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