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Friday, February 10, 2006


So, I was just putting Baby Dog to bed. She was sitting on my lap and playing with her bare toes as I rocked her and sang her songs. As is customary, she requested “Starry Starry Night,” so I did that, and she punctuated it with the occasional. “Yessss.” Then, because we have a busy night and an early morning ahead, I tried to skip “Diamonds in the Rough” and move straight to “The Parting Glass,” but she was having none of that. She noticed the omission and complained. In the middle of “Diamonds in the Rough,” she started saying what I took to be “Nun! Nun!” I was confused. Thinking of last night’s musing on the Church of Vincent, I thought perhaps she was declaring her intention to take the vows. Then she said “Piggy,” and I realised she was talking about her toe. The one next to the last little piggy. The one that had “nun.”


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