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Thursday, February 09, 2006

In Colours on the Snowy Linen Land (Yessss!)

Thanks to Charles for filling in last night. Ironically, I actually had enough time last night that I could have done a post, but chose on a whim to let my houseguest do one instead. Today, I’ve been insanely busy and have barely a second to spare, but unfortunately the houseguest is off in A City (the one of San Francisco) and unavailable to cover my shift again.

One quick oddity: Baby Dog has definitely decided that Vincent (Starry Starry Night) is her special song. It’s on her Napster playlist now and she requests it by name every night at bedtime. The last couple nights I’ve noticed her making little whispering noises as I sing the song. I haven’t figured out a definitive pattern to them, but they tend to come at the ends of lines. Because her voice in uncharacteristically whispery when she does this I can’t be certain what she’s saying, but it sounds to me like “Yessss!” Mama Dog has opined that Baby Dog worships this song, and it strikes me that her little interjections of “Yessss!” (if indeed that’s what she’s saying) have an hint of the Pentecostal to them. I don’t know what’s behind Baby Dog’s conversion to the Church of Vincent, but it bears further observation.


Anonymous big sister said...

My guess is she knows the words that are coming and the yesss is her acknowledgement that she did - her little signal of triumph.

4:56 AM  

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