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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sudden Death

[Today's is a guest post by paul Anonymous]

We ended the season in fourth place, so in the first round of the playoffs we would be taking on the third place team. It was a best of two series. If one team won both games, or won one and tied one, then they would win the series. However, if each team won a game, then it would go into overtime, and whoever scored would win the series.

We lost the first game 3-0, so it was do or die for us.

There was only one ref to start the game. On the first shift the other team was way offside, but the referee didn't call it, and they went on to score. They got two more quick goals, and we were down 3-0 midway through the first period. Things weren't looking good.

We finally scored near the end of the period. We got our second goal with 5 seconds left in the second period.

In the third period we got two goals, and suddenly we were in the lead. The other team was getting frustrated, and they started playing dirty. Amazingly, the refs started calling penalties. So for the last two minutes of the game we had a two man advantage. But we got sloppy, and let one of their guys walk in on our goal. He scored just as the buzzer went. The ref ruled it went in after the buzzer, so it was no goal.

So it now went in to sudden death overtime. The other team was still playing dirty, but the refs were calling it, so we had a two man advantage. We were buzzing all around their goal, but we couldn't put the puck in the net. The overtime period ended scoreless.

Now it came down to a shoot out. Three shots for each team. Whichever team got the most goals won. The goofy thing was that both teams shot at the same time, so you'd be looking back and forth, trying to decide if you should be watching to see if your guy scored, or if your goalie stopped their guy.

The first shooters on each team went, and both missed. The second shooters went. They missed. The third shooters went. Our guy missed, but their guy scored. It was a hell of a way to lose the series.

After that we went to the bar and commiserated.


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