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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm a Cheap Bastard

[Today's is a guest post by Mama Dog.]

Baby Dog has fallen ill again this week, poor little girl. I dropped her off at daycare yesterday as usual, then got the call at around noon saying that Baby Dog had a fever of almost 103 and would I please pick her up immediately? (There's a zero tolerance for fever at our daycare, as there is at most others.) Luckily, Halmonie lives nearby so I gave her a call and asked her to pick up the girl and take her home. Halmonie obliged willingly, of course.

Today, Baby Dog stayed home with Halmonie all day, as she was still feeling feverish. There's a 24 hr. quarantine rule at the daycare, anyway, so we didn't have a choice.

Tomorrow is Papa Dog's last Wednesday off until he goes back to working full-time, so the plan was for him to spend one last day with Baby Dog. She will be home tomorrow.

By Thursday, I'm hoping that Baby Dog will be up and running and ready to go to daycare.

Just now, as I was staring blankly at the refrigerator, wracking my brain for a blog post topic, I noticed the daycare holiday closing schedule posted thereon. It read: April 7, 2006: Friday (Good Friday). Therefore, if Baby Dog goes in on Thursday, she'll only have attended about 12 hrs of daycare this week, for the price of 40 hours. I haven't the energy to do math at the moment, but if I did, I believe the hourly rate would fall somewhere between highway robbery and "hell of" expensive.

Here's why I'm cheap: I'm thinking, since Friday's a holiday, perhaps we should send Baby Dog to daycare tomorrow (on her planned day off with Papa Dog) -- just so we get closer to our money's worth. It just kills me to pay a full week's tuition for a day and a half.

Let me reassure you that I'm not that heartless and pragmatic. Ultimately, we'll do what's best for Baby Dog and we'll do what will make her happiest. If she's feeling the slightest bit under the weather tomorrow, she's staying home. If Papa Dog really wants to spend his last stay-at-home-dad-day with Baby Dog, then she'll stay home. It's only money, after all.


Anonymous Big sister said...

I think Good Friday is next week on Apr. 14. Easter Sunday is Apr. 16.

2:50 AM  

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