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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Baby Pirate is Two!

It was – no joke – Baby Pirate’s second birthday today. The party was at Habitot and the guest list, naturally enough, consisted of families with small children. The Funkadelics came, as did Mama and Baby Whippet (Papa Whippet having had some class or other to attend). In a way, it was a new thing for us. This was the first time we’d brought Baby Dog to Habitot since she learned to walk, and it made for a markedly different experience. She still spent most of her time in the Littlest Kids’ area, but she toddled fully around the room, exploring and playing, rather than plopping down in one spot and waiting for toys to be handed to her. She also had much fun in the water play area, splashing and rummaging around for fish toys. She went into the walk-in spaceship for the first time, and when she saw the mural of the solar system, she ran quick-walked straight to the ringed planet, exclaiming, “Jupiter!” For that last she can thank…uh, I guess he’d be Uncle Dog…who dug up an oversized Solar System book at a yard sale someplace and gave it to Baby Dog for Christmas. She has since pored over that book so many times that she’s learned the names of all the planets, though of course Saturn is the only one she can easily recognise in different contexts. (She can also identify Valentina Tereshkova, but only by the picture in the book.)

Lunch afterwards was at Cancun Taqueria, where Baby Dog sat for the first time in a booster seat rather than a high chair. All told we had about three hours in the midst of various dense crushes of humanity with much noise and activity and yelling children and high-calorie food. All four babies were quite primed for long naps by the time we were done. Happy birthday to Baby Pirate and I’m now ready for some sleep myself.


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