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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sir, We Have Never Met Before, Is That Correct?

I asked Robert Runté to shill for me, so now I have to shill for him in return… Robert says:

“As part of a class experiment, I have posted a hoax web page (meaningless nondata) at http://people.uleth.ca/~runte/research/surveyresults.htm

“Using various 'black hat' tricks, my class and I have managed to move it up to #5 out of 13,300 Canadian web pages in response to the Google search on ‘Grammar Checker’ (quotes included); and to about #160 spot out of 313,000 on the whole Google WWW.
If anyone is inclined to assist us in our experiment, linking to the hoax page in your blog, web page or similar will increase Google's ranking of the site. I'm curious to see if I can push it any higher, and how long it will take to sink as the links date....”

There’s your shilling returned, Robert. Thanks.


Blogger Robert said...

Thanks for this!

12:55 PM  

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