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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Chasey Cheddar

“Chasey Cheddar” is the latest mystery phrase. Baby Dog started repeating it a week or two ago apropos of nothing apparent. I think the first time we noticed her saying it, cheese might have been under discussion, but after that it was totally random. After a while, we theorised that perhaps “Chasey Cheddar” was a character or story element in a book that has been read to her at daycare. Mama Dog kept meaning to ask the daycare lady about it and kept forgetting. She finally remembered this afternoon, and got a not entirely satisfactory reply. Daycare lady couldn’t think of any story that “Chasey Cheddar” might have come from, but suggested that perhaps Baby Dog was remembering that one of her little peers, Casey often has cheddar for lunch and has to be coaxed to eat it. This theory doesn’t entirely hold water, because every morning when I ask Baby Dog who she’s going to see at daycare, she lists off her classmates, including a perfectly pronounced “Casey.” It doesn’t seem logical that she’d turn it into “Chasey” in only this one circumstance.

So. Any guesses? Anybody have a Chasey Cheddar action figure or pop-up book?


Anonymous Big sister said...

Has she ever seen any ad on tv making reference to CHEESY Cheddar? She has an iron trap mind for sound combinations that she likes.

4:43 AM  
Blogger Twizzle said...

Hi Big Sister,

Oh, good God no! Baby Dog isn't allowed to watch TV because her mum is a media nazi and won't allow such garbage to permeate the child's mind until she is at least three. :-)

8:55 AM  
Blogger PapaDogDuvalier said...

...and what TV she HAS seen has rarely included hearing commercials, since I always either mute them or fast forward over them.

9:17 AM  

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