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Sunday, May 07, 2006


For some reason, whenever the car has to go to the shop so does the dog and vice versa. Mama Dog got stranded on the freeway last week on account of what turned out to be an expensively cracked radiator. Doggy Dog has had a sore on his right rear haunch that he’s been persistently worrying for a month or two, and we’ve been too deficient as doggy parents to have time to take care of it. In our defence – slim as it is – we kept thinking it would surely heal soon.

Anyway, we took Doggy Dog in for a tune-up today and fortunately the vet didn’t seem that shocked by the wound. She wasn’t 100% sure what it was because it was too small to properly biopsy without cutting the whole thing off. It’s most likely a benign cyst, though there is a chance it’s something more serious. She gave us some topical spray which will make it go away in a couple of weeks if it’s just the cyst. If it doesn’t go away in two weeks, Doggy Dog will have surgery in his future, to remove the thing entirely. Is it just me, or was pet ownership a simpler and less costly thing in our parents’ day? Back then, if your dog had cancer it was generally diagnosed post-mortem if at all. Well, it’s our day now. Doggy Dog, neglected though he’s been, is part of a family of four. We’ll give him the spray and hope he has a benign cyst. If it’s something worse, he’ll get the surgery. We’d do as much for the car, after all; and it isn’t even a member of the family.


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