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Thursday, August 30, 2007

How Cretins Boogie

Not content to merely do violence to the Constitution, America's standing in the world, and the rights of our own citizenship, the Bush Administration has also declared a War on Rhythm. They may want to come up with a better name, so as not to confuse those wonks working on abstinence education policy. But what else can you call a spectacle like this:

It's Laura Bush who really makes you cringe, looking even whiter and stiffer than her husband. Actually, if it weren't for his atrocious term of office, I'd have no issue with Bush in this one. Here, more than most places, his true personality comes out, in that he dances like a man who did a lot of blow and a lot of booze, and, left to his own devices, would be hanging out on his farm in cutoffs and a t-shirt smoking a blunt and listening to CCR. He seems like a guy who'd probably be fun to hang out with if he weren't president and one were interested in a weekend of booze, blow, bullshit conversation, and skanky broads.

But by way of contrast, it's departing supervillain Karl Rove who, characteristically, brings the most destructive gusto to the administration's new war. Scroll to 5:45 in, or 2:45 from the end to witness the new innovation in shock and awe.

That spectacle was so ghastly, so utterly horrifying, that I had to watch it in two sittings, even though there is only two minutes of content.

A friend summed it up best in an email:

"In the '60s (I think)
Norman Mailer (I think)
said about one of Andy Warhol's early films with Edie Sedgewick (I think)
"A hundred years from now, people will look at this and say,
'This is what it was like before the plague came."
That's what I thought of as I watched Rove mincing and mugging--essentially doing a Minstrel Show.
Great googely goo!


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