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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Baby Dog’s Second

Two years ago Baby Dog emerged from the womb and today we had a party to celebrate that grand entrance. In those first hours of her life I remarked more than once on how lucky my daughter was to have inherited the face of her mother. Mama Dog insists now that Baby Dog looks more like me. I disagree, but as we see more of Baby Dog’s personality asserting itself, I see the many ways she takes after me and I can only hope she learns more quickly than I did how to bear up under the handicaps I may have passed along. It’s become very clear, for example, that she doesn’t care for gatherings of unfamiliar people. I’ve pretty much written the book on that one. Practically from the moment we arrived at Halmonie’s house for the party, Baby Dog was looking at me hopefully, saying “Go home now?” She actually coped better at this one than she did at the BBQ/picnic a few weeks back (probably because the surroundings at least were familiar), but still, I’m pretty sure her favourite part of the party was the same as mine: when we snuck out for a few minutes to mail some letters at the mailbox on the corner. Well, okay, that and the chocolate cake.

After, when the only ones left were Mama Dog, Baby Dog, Halmonie, and me, Baby Dog lay down on the blanket under the canopy in the back yard and played with her Lego train engine, zooming it around like an airplane and singing a song she’d learned in daycare. It was the first time she’d looked relaxed all day, and as Mama Dog and I had one more slice of cake apiece so as to carry that much less home* and Daddy treated himself to a hard-earned glass of wine, we whiled some moments that were perfectly happy and companionable. She’s young, and nothing’s set in stone, but if she takes after me as much as it seems, she’s going to find such moments hard to come by in any company but that of the trusted few. I hope she adapts better than I did, and finds a way to relax in the company of strangers; but if not, I hope she at least she can always have such contentment after the party’s over and the company has gone away.
*Our story and we’re sticking to it.


Blogger Twizzle said...

I'm sorry that Baby Dog did not enjoy her party. I'm quite unlike the two of you in that regard: I woke up feeling like I'd been clobbered on the head by an anvil (no hangover - just tired) and remained in a sort of angsty haze all day. Then, as soon as the party got started and people began to arrive, I became energized, alert, and happy. I enjoy the company of others, even strangers. (They do not remain strangers for long; I get to know them quickly.)

I'm not sure what Baby Dog and I have in common - other than that we both love Papa Dog.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! It's October! I want an essay on how you spent your summer vacation. Write, Papa Dog, write!

1:06 PM  

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