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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Papa Dog Holds No Monopoly On Lame Posts

See, it's tough to work and blog and have a life, so I do have a lot of sympathy for poor Dr. Duvalier, for his life includes wife, child, and quasi-professional textual activities. But the thing is, the guy's a good writer, and, well, a twenty-two month streak is a terrible thing to break. So here I am at the office, after midnight, listening to John Zorn and saying it ain't so.

My guess? The poor bastard needs a nap. So sleep, good Doctor. Let your friends pick up the slack. And if you really are putting down the Faversham for a while, know that we have sincerely appreciated the great effort that you've put into it these long months. You're good with the words, and that ought not go unsung. We're glad you've put them down, from the tales of pre-marital waste to the love notes to the wife, the smart-ass analyses of children's narratives, the passionate plea for your adopted country, even the cute bits about making the baby laugh.

Thanks, Doc. Don't stay in that sick room too long.


Anonymous big sister said...

Yah! to all that.
How am I ever going to keep up if you don't diarize everything I am missing? I'd say "Suck it up Princess" but it sounds a tad selfish. I do think you need a break now and then. I'll look forward to when you are up to writing again.

6:08 AM  

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