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Monday, August 23, 2004

Dispatches from the Road, Part V

Another big dinner last night, this time a tri-tip barbecue. There was some postprandial discussion about the origin of tri-tip steak. One guest put forth the suggestion that tri-tip was actually invented here in Santa Barbara, and the native Santa Barbarians in general agreed. Having avoided steak most of my life and having only the dimmest awareness of the different cuts offered, I had no clue. Out of curiosity, though, I did a little looking on the Internet (where all True Facts can be discovered) and found this poorly typed page which, if you scroll down to point #4, includes the story of the fabled tri-tip discovery. Here, the town of Santa Maria claims tri-tip for its own and even includes a little jab at Santa Barbara for its tri-tippian ignorance. Having just reported what I found, I’ll stand back and let these two sainted ladies duke it out amongst themselves.

In other news…. Oh no! It’s gone!

Baby Dog continues to grow and develop, as per the instructions I’ve been issuing since shortly after we knew she was growing in the womb. Yesterday, we laid a blanket out on the lawn and tried tummy play for the first time in a while. This is something you’re supposed to do with newborns…lay them down on their tummies so they have to work to get their heads up if they want to see anything, thereby building up their neck muscles. Baby Dog has always grown unhappy very quickly when laying on her tummy, so we haven’t really tried it much. Yesterday she stuck with it for quite a while, making scrambly motions with arms and legs that would be very appropriate for crawling if her limbs were strong enough.

More significantly, she’s really started vocalising. Up until this week, her sounds have been restricted to ladylike grunts and sucky noises. We’ve definitely been hearing distinct consonant sounds out of her the last little while, to say nothing of oodles of vowels. I’ve been diligently saying “ah-goo” to her every day, and she’s been coming very close to repeating it back to me. I got an “ah-guh” out of her yesterday, and last night an isolated “goo.” Not quite ready for the Oxford Union Debating Society, but it’s only a matter of time.

Here’s something weird. I wanted to see whether or not this faversham was listed on Google, so I did a search for “Papa Dog’s Blog.” I got this result.* Now, first click on “cached,” and you’ll see a list of blogs with the word “dog” figuring prominently. This is a search result coming from an outfit called “blo.gs” which apparently sorts and categorises blogs. Straightforward enough. But now go back to the Google search and instead of clicking “cached,” click “blo.gs” and see what you get. Anybody want to tell me what’s up with that?

* Addendum, 9/14/04: This doesn't work anymore, partly because Google finally started listing Papa Dog and partly because I dropped off of blo.gs. At the time of this post, the "cached" result showed my actual blog entry - but if you clicked on the actual search result, it took you to an FBI page. Very strange.


Blogger Brownstein said...

Apropos of The Scream & The Madonna: I can't help but root for the art thieves. Yes it's a horrendous crime against culture to abscond with these paintings, however, the mind that commissioned the theft had to be enormously strange. Who thinks its a good idea to send armed men into a museum to walk off with two paintings? It has to be the sort of villain that only exists in Connery Bond and Silver Age comics. The paintings can't be displayed, they can't be sold, at best they can be kept in a secret hideout where maniacal laughter and hand-wringing ensues while the villainous art-fag regards his "precious."

It's so weird that it's kinda cool.

5:21 AM  

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