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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Party Planning and Hit Tracking

So the party for Mama Dog’s birthday and Baby Dog’s baek-il promises to be a culturally confused affair. We found a suitable Korean market where we’ll be able to get all the rice cakes we’ll need. We could also get some miscellaneous Korean finger foods, but we’ll see how the spirit moves us on Sunday. The meal will come from La Med, as alluded to earlier. I hate to repeat myself with party food, but time is short. I know they’re reliable and can put together what I need on short notice. So there we go. Maybe next June Baby Dog’s Dol will be a proper Korean banquet.

In other matters…. One of the weird sort-of pleasures of having the stupid hit tracker is trying to figure out what I can about the people I don’t know who are looking at this faversham. When I started out, only people I knew had the address. Then Mama Dog linked from her blog and some out-of-town friends of hers started looking at it. Then blogger started putting up this “Next blog” button and people started to randomly hit on mine if I happened to have updated it recently. Then Mama Dog put up a link to my page on this bulletin board she posts to, and not only did I start getting hits from that, but I also got links on blogs maintained by people from that board. It got so I had repeat business from people whose identities I couldn’t even guess. The hit tracker will give me an IP address for each hit. In a lot of cases that number's different every time you turn your computer off and on, but there’s usually a consistent pattern to it. Also, I can resolve the IP address to a Host Name, and that gives some more clues. Like, this morning I had two hits from a number I didn’t recognise, and I found that the Host Name had the extension detrick.army.mil. A little research reveals that’s Fort Detrick, an Army Medical Installation in Frederick, Maryland. Needless to say, I know nobody there. More puzzling, this was a direct hit, not a Next Blog hit or a referral from somebody else’s blog. Then there was the flurry of hits a few days back from someone who’d Next Blogged me. They first struck my page on the 25th and kept coming back until late Tuesday afternoon. Fewer clues there. They’re running Netscape on Windows 2000, and their Host Name includes “net logic.net,” which apparently serves mostly Kansas. I suppose the repeated hits could be from a frustrated liberal living in Republican country, eager to read an unashamedly liberal voice – or maybe it’s just a plain old conservative Kansan who enjoys getting mad every time I call the former Governor of Texas a chimp. Hard to say.

So hidey-ho, mysterious people out there. I hope you’re enjoying my logorrhoeic discharge, and maybe you could say hi or something if you feel like it. Unless, of course, you don’t want anybody to know that you were looking at blogs at work instead of helping care for the health problems of military personnel.

Oh yeah. I didn't tell you about Mama Dog's birthday present. Well, she'll talk about it in her blog if she wants to (when we have a working computer at home).


Blogger Robert said...

I have written on this subject myself (http://runte.blogspot.com/2004/08/blogging-and-readership.html) in which I complained about the odd word combinations that were resulting in people hitting my blog via Google. So to drive me crazy, a conspiracy of my regular readers started picking random word combinations from my blog, googling them, and then hitting my blog tracker. I went nuts trying to figure out who woulld google such weird searches and enn up with my blog 'till one of the ringleaders confessed what was going on.

4:17 PM  

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