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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mama Dog: Perilously Close to Becoming an Enthusiastic Late Adopter

All hands man your battle stations. The moment we’ve dreaded all these years has finally arrived: Mama Dog has discovered Ebay.

I guess I should amend that. Mama Dog has been aware of Ebay’s existence for many years, but has always resisted that first auction for fear of becoming an addict. I have supported her in her Ebavian abstinence for, well, fear of her becoming an addict. The turning point came this past weekend when we visited the Pirates and Mama Dog became covetous of a vintage baby toy in their possession, a penguin Weeble. She took a cautious look today at Electronic Bay and whoot, there it was. Knowing there was such a thing as Ebay was one thing; seeing the penguin Weeble of her dreams right there for the bidding was quite another.

So we have a core breach, but I’m struggling to avoid a complete meltdown. Before she could be tempted to open an Ebay account, I told her that I’d buy the thing for her. Being less mercantally inclined, I’ve never had much interest in online auctions, but for reasons which escape me now I have an Ebay account which I’ve never used. I think I opened it to see some particular page I couldn’t look at otherwise or something. No idea. The upshot is I was able to put a bid down on the dingus, and we’re now waiting with baited breath to see if anybody outbids us before the auction closes (22 minutes and 2 seconds left in auction time as I type).

It’s my hope that this will be an isolated event, but I know how these things go. We’re still feeling the long-term effects of the Amazon Incident of 1999.


Blogger Twizzle said...

OhMyGawd, we won the Chiming Penguin Weeble dingus on EBay! Thank you, Papa Dog! Thank you ever so much! xoxo

6:38 PM  

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