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Friday, November 26, 2004

More Excessive Attention Paid to Essentially Meaningless Numbers (Meaning Not the Bit About Baby Dog's Birthday, But Everything that Follows It)

Did I mention that yesterday was Baby Dog’s five-month birthday? I didn’t, I guess, but it was. Come Ho Ho she’ll be half a year old. How the time does fly. All the tiresome clichés, it turns out, are true. Time flies! They grow up so fast! They’re cuter’n shit at that age! Well, I guess that last one isn’t really a cliché, but it is a truth. More cute than shit they in fact are at that age.

Also marking a milestone is the favershamal hit counter, having rolled over 2K sometime in the last few days when I wasn’t looking. The past week or so, I’ve been watching the hit counter traverse the 1900s and thinking of it in terms of years, bemusedly considering the significance I place on particular points in the late century. I was strangely excited when I received hit # 1939 because that’s widely considered the greatest year in movies – the year of Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Stagecoach, Destry Rides Again, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Ninotchka, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Dark Victory, Of Mice and Men, Young Mr. Lincoln, Wuthering Heights, Goodbye Mr. Chips, Love Affair, and on and on. Batman appeared for the first time in Detective Comics #27. New York had a world’s fair that’s been showing up as a seminal event in coming-of-age novels by old New Yorkers ever since. And, oh, yeah, World War II started. 1964 was a big deal, because that’s when those of us who are One of Us were born. When it got to 1984, I started thinking about all the years that have stood for The Future in literature and film and song, years that have come and gone with their promise mostly unfulfilled. We actually seem to have caught up with 1984 now, but Space: 1999 came and went with the moon still safely in orbit, although I recollect that we did party like it was itself. 2001 a Space Odyssey is history, and I was disappointed to find that by that year Pan Am had still not resurrected itself and gone into the moon shuttle business.

Now my hit counter has passed 2004 and gone into the future. As I write, it’s stuck at 2010, which is Odyssey 2. It’ll be a while for both the counter and the rest of us before we reach In the Year 2525, and if mankind is still alive, I’m sure I’ll be favershamming something of questionable relevance then.

In other numbers: I’m done through September 7 with the newspapers. Long weekend’s half over. We did see Kinsey today, and Gran goes home tomorrow. Time for a snack now and then bed.

Oh - almost forgot to mention - Alfonso Bedoyo handily won the "Bandito" poll, which I have to say I find curious. Why did so many people want to have a moderately pricy meal with an illiterate and probably pretty smelly criminal who's like to whack your head off with a machete before the check comes? Very curious. More curious still, his win was at least partly achieved through the mini-poll's first case of electronic ballot box stuffing. No rule against that. I've got the thing set up to allow multiple votes, figuring if it's good enough for the Criminal Overlords in Washingtexas, it's good enough for us. But still - not even one vote for Burt Reynolds? I'm fairly certain he would have had the best table manners of the bunch.


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