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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Other favershammers have written of peculiar search terms that lead people to their sites. Robert detected a conspiracy. A Li’l Pg Julie finds mostly disturbed Googlers. My own experience in this regard is more limited. I rarely have people enter my site through search engines, and when they do it’s generally pretty mundane stuff about dogs or babies or what have you (recent example: “dog psychology ‘San francisco’ how to keep your dog”). In the last couple of days, though, I’ve had a bunch. A Googler looking for “inchmeal piecemeal” came across my explanation of “Northmeal West.” Another shortly after was actually looking for “papadog blog,” but that was just Sebastian, who should know that “Papa Dog” is two words (and that neither of them contain a “w,” but that’s another story). One hardy soul tried three different searches on two different search engines looking for “yellowbeard soundbites,” and took time to examine this same post each and every time. One AOL searcher looking for “17th lancers, balaclava roll call” was doubtless disappointed to find only my lame musings on a Jim Shepard story. Today on AOL, someone doing a search for “tempera” was led to me for reasons I still find mysterious. I’ve looked all through the faversham and can’t find that word. My best guess is that AOL counted a partial match from allusions to the beguiling Ms. Temperance Alesha Lance-Council, who was robbed, robbed I tell you, in Ohio. Today, a search for “’data entry’ ‘stupid job’” (why would anyone intentionally search for that, I wonder?) turned up this post on that very subject. The most puzzling search of the bunch though, is the MSN search someone did today for the word “tippian.” I had to look to find out where that occurred in the Faversham. It was in one of my posts from Santa Barbara, when I discussed the origin of tri-tip, and invented the adjective “tri-tippian.” Here’s the puzzling thing: my page was the only one on the entire Internet that MSN could find containing the word “tippian.” Google, I’ve discovered, finds two; mine and what looks to be some sort of RPG site where “Tippian” is a character’s name (and a dorky one at that, if I may briefly editorialise). Yahoo finds me, the RPG thing, and a third one in what appears to be German.

So…why would anyone be searching for a fake word like “tippian” that appears only three times on the whole Internet? Maybe the searcher was looking for the RPG site with the dorky character name, but then why did they bother to look at my page? I’m stymied. But I’ve decided I want to corner the search engine market share on the word “tippian” by using it repeatedly in this post. I so rarely get to be in on the ground floor of anything.


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