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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Papa Dog Index (a Life at the Movies)

Year I First Became Movie-Mad: 1973

First Movies I Saw that Were Significant to Me: The Sting, American Graffiti

First Favourite Genre: Disaster Movies, 1974

An Evolution of Sorts:
Favourite Movie Star, 1974: Charlton Heston
Favourite Movie Star, 1975: Charles Bronson
Favourite Movie Star, 1976: Gene Wilder
Favourite Movie Star, 1977: Bruce Dern

Worst Movie I Ever Paid Money to See: Highlander II – The Quickening (Triple feature at the Paradise Theatre, Vancouver; three movies for $3.25, and having to sit through that one still made me feel ripped off. I don’t remember for sure what the other two were, but I think they might have been Out for Justice with Steven Seagal and Stone Cold with some hockeyball player and Lance Hendriksen. I saw them around the same time, at any rate. To put things in perspective, Highlander II – The Sickening made these two look good.)

Only movie I’ve ever walked out on: Something with Ione Skye. Can’t even remember which one for certain, but I think it might have been Dream for an Insomniac. We lasted almost fifteen minutes before deciding life was too short.

Only movie I’ve fallen asleep at since 1973: Rocky, double feature at the drive-in, Grande Prairie, AB, 1977. Opening feature was The Missouri Breaks, which was what I really wanted to see. My sister made us stay for Rocky even though I was sure it would blow. She thought Sylvester Stallone was hot.

Last time I saw a movie at the drive-in: Devil in a Blue Dress, in Tucson, AZ, 1995.
The time before that: Unforgiven with Diggstown, Nashville, TN (when fleeing hurricane Andrew), 1992.

Before that: probably Yellowbeard and The Man With Two Brains, in Sherwood Park, AB, 1983.

Before that: probably a triple feature of Creepshow/It’s Alive/Wolfen, Edmonton, AB, 1982. This was the dumbest drive-in experience I’ve ever had. It was summer in Edmonton, which means dusk didn’t arrive until on towards 11 p.m. They started Creepshow before the sun was all the way down. For the first fifteen or twenty minutes the movie was barely visible. By the time Wolfen was done, it was about five in the morning and it was only sheer force of will that kept this from being the second movie I fell asleep at.

Most movies I’ve seen in one day with each one being at a different theatre: four. 1996. Bernardo and I did a movie crawl through the East Bay. Started the morning with She’s the One at the Jack London Cinemas. Headed north to see something that neither of us can now remember at the Elmwood. Finished up in Berkeley with Lone Star at the Act and The Trigger Effect at the California. The only one worth a damn was Lone Star.

Number of times I’ve seen Lone Star: four.

Greatest number of days in a row I’ve gone to the movies: 365. My year at the movies.

First movie of the streak: Les Voleurs (Thieves), March 9, 1997, at the Elmwood. I remember almost nothing about this film.

Last movie of the streak: The Big Lebowski, March 8, 1998, at Jack London.

Total number of movies seen during the streak: 404.

Number of those that were repeats: 12.

(Therefore,) Total number of different movies: 392.

Minimum number of non-repeat movies each day: 1.

Most movies seen in one day during the streak: 3, three times. June 16, 1997 (Waiting for Guffman at the Elmwood, Buddy – what the hell was that? Oh yeah, that thing with Rene Russo and the gorilla – at the Grande Lake, and Grosse Pointe Blank at the Shattuck); on July 20, 1997, a Fassbinder threefer at the PFA (Nora Helmer, The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant, and The Merchant of Four Seasons); and again on Boxing Day, 1997 (Deconstructing Harry at the Act, Until the End of the World and Wings of Desire at the late lamented UC).

Movies seen the most times during the streak: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Boogie Nights, and L.A. Confidential (three times each).

Word that started more titles than any other (discounting “the” or “a/an”) during the streak year: “Love.” (Love and Other Catastrophes, Love is Colder than Death, Love Jones, Love Serenade, Love Walked In, and Love! Valour! Compassion!)

Biggest “what the hell am I doing here?” moment: Halfway into Warriors of Virtue, which is sort of like Teenage Mutant Ninja Kangaroos, only not as good as that sounds.

Okay, that's enough of that. My Presidential poll is now closed, and my scientific sample predicts that John Kerry will win the election by a five-to-one margin over his closest challenger, Green Party candidate David Cobb.

But now on to more crucial electoral matters. How about that Ms. Temperance Alesha Lance-Council?


Blogger RachelleCentral said...

I think Australia was responsible for half those "love" titled movies.

Have you ever seen Cinemania? It's a documentary that's funny about people who are obsessed with movies and so all they do is work out how many movies they can see in a day, concentrating mainly on film festivals. I should add that these people did not work and did not have a life. I always suspect I could one day star in a movie like this.

Movies I've walked out on: Naked Lunch, 21 (with Patsy Kensit), The Specialist, Dear God (with Greg Kinnear)

Favourite movie: The Heartbreak Kid (with Charles Grodin)

Favourite genre: Hitchcock-type suspense

I am in awe at your recollection of amount of movies seen, what they were and how many of those were repeats.

2:05 PM  

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