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Friday, December 24, 2004

Holding Hands

Lunch today at the Cajun Kitchen. Baby Dog stayed home being sat by Gran, who couldn't be happier to do so. We parked a few blocks away from the restaurant. As we walked down the street, I took Mama Dog's hand and realised with a jolt that it was not a familiar feeling. It's hard to believe this is true but I don't think we've held hands - at least not on that side, my right her left - since she got a new ring a few months ago. It used to be we were in constant contact when walking anywhere. Nowadays, though, it's never just us...we always have a handful of dog or baby or both. Don't misunderstand - we haven't lost our marital intimacy - but since we've grown to a full-on family unit, the days of simply walking down the street hand in hand seem to be gone for a while. More often now we hold hands by proxy. I hold Baby, Baby holds Mama. This is good. It's not the same thing, but it's good.

We had lunch - I had the Breakfast Anytime - looked for dessert and found only cornbread. We caught up with the step-in-laws who are still a few months away from being parents themselves and told them various things they should expect now that they're expecting. On the way back to the car we held hands - my left, her right. I gave her hand a squeeze and she returned it. I made a mental note, and I hope you other tyro parents will give this a thought - don't neglect the small but meaningful contacts. They are the bedrock of a life together.


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