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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Has it occurred to anybody else what a wealth of period detail will be yielded to future historians in this mess of dross we call the blogosphere? Everyone who indulges in favershamery, from the most erudite political commentator to the twitteriest teenaged emoticonographer is building a diary of our times far beyond the most fevered imaginings of Samuel Pepys. Are there Blog Studies courses in colleges yet? Is anybody archiving this stuff? It looks like useless ephemera now, but mark my words, a hundred years from now cultural historians will be glad we had so much time on our hands. Blogs will prove an historical bonanza.

Speaking of which – not that this will add anything to any important demographic studies – here’s a little ditty I wrote some years ago, and since I’m in a hurry to post and get out of here (here being work), I’ll share it with you for posterity. Sing to the tune of “Bonanza.”

I know there aren’t any words to the theme of Bonanza
I’m well aware that there aren’t any words to Bonanza’s theme at all
I asked Pa, I asked Hoss, I asked Little Joe
They said there aren’t any words to the theme of Bonanza
They said there aren’t any words—to Bonanza’s theme at all

(Actually, there are words to the theme of Bonanza. I even have a recording of Johnny Cash singing them. But I think it’s a given that those future historians are going to have to sift through a certain amount of disinformation.)


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