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Saturday, January 15, 2005

More Assembly Required

It’s looking to be a very busy weekend. My honky company doesn’t recognise MLK day as a holiday, but we have a family doctor’s appointment on Monday, so I’m taking it as a sick day. We’re having guests over for dinner tonight, the handyguy’s supposed to come over Sunday to finish the work he didn’t get done Friday, there’s the usual crush of domestic chores and erranding, and I’m supposed to finish a short story by Monday night. So, lots to do.

Among the items on my to-do list was assembling Baby Dog’s new Exersaucer, which arrived courtesy of the United Parcel Service a couple of days back. A daddy’s assembling is never done. I had wanted to spring right into writing action this morning, but Mama Dog suggested that if I assembled the Exersaucer first, I could stick Baby Dog in it when I’m trying to write. It made good sense at the time, but after an hour of crouching over piles of moulded plastic attaching spring B to hook C and inserting pedestal F on saucer base A, my back’s shot and the baby has fallen asleep anyway.

Well, not a moment to waste. She can try out the saucer when she wakes up. I have now officially warmed up by favershamming, and now I’m off to do the heavy lifting (writing-wise).


Blogger RachelleCentral said...

Because I am the chief assembler in this household, and because I hate assembling, I can't imagine buying one of these, even though I hear they're really, really good.

Let us know how Baby Dog enjoys it.

1:28 PM  

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