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Friday, January 07, 2005


When we were engaging in consumerism out Emeryville way on Thursday, we passed a store called “Big & Tall Casual Male.” “You know what that means?” I observed as we hummed past. “That means ‘sloppy fat man.’” Happily, I didn’t have to shop there.

Today was the end of our first week as judicious post-holiday dieters. We had one slip – greasy mystery meat at Naan ‘n’ Curry on Wednesday night – but mostly we stuck to plan. Light chicken dinners. Smaller portions. Curtailed snacks. I made a point of having fruit instead of candy, which was especially easy because my sister sent us a barrel of pears and other goodies from Harry and David for Ho Ho…a neat bit of symmetry, since she surely learned of Harold and Dave through our annual gift of chockies and/or cookies from same.

I was weighed at the doctor’s last week. I forget what the amount was – and the doctor’s scales tend to show me about seven or eight pounds heavier anyway – but I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some since then. I was at 200.5 as of this morning, which I guess makes this recent period the second time in my life I’ve been over 200 (the last time being just before I went on the Weight Watchers). I might reasonably be depressed over this, but I choose to take it optimistically. I’m certain I’ll be losing weight steadily over the next few weeks, so that means this will be the last time I’ll be over 200. More dog walks for me, I reckon.


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