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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Paws in the Bidet

So yesterday morning it finally stopped raining and we let the dog out in the yard for a pee. He was gone for a long time but we had other things on our minds and didn't think much of it. When he finally came trotting up the deck he had a happy smile on his face and what appeared to be brown socks on his paws. Ah yes. Hunting the elusive gopher in the mud.

What with his reduction in grandparental status since the birth of an actual human baby, we knew his muddy paws weren't going to be welcome in the house, so Mama Dog hosed him off. Unfortunately, once we got inside it was clear that the job wasn’t quite completely done. He was still tracking mud onto the bathroom tile. We vacillated for a while on what to do. Doggy Dog is uncommon touchy about his paws, so washing them is always a tricky undertaking. Finally Mama Dog got the brilliant idea of filling up the bidet and having him step into that. Certainly not what Gran had in mind when she had it installed in her new bathroom add-on, but it got the job done splendidly and Doggy Dog roamed through the house with paws clean as, well, a freshly-laved backside I suppose.

Time to go home now (not because of the bidet incident, just because it’s time to go). We’re about to start packing and should be on the road in a couple of hours. I do so long for the old homestead.


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