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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Rained Real Hard and Rained For a Real Long Time*

When we were packing to leave Oaktown I asked Mama Dog, “Should I bring a raincoat?” “No,” she said, “it’s not going to rain.” “Think I’ll bring one just in case,” I said. So it’s been raining since Christmas with hardly a let-up. I didn’t bring any shoes by the damn leaky Seibels, but at least I have that raincoat. Mama Dog has to borrow it when she goes out to walk the dog. I’m far too gentlemanly and kind to say “I told you so,” but I think I can manage a not-too-smugly murmured “I averred thus to you.”

I’ve been through hurricanes and flash floods, so this rain isn’t really that much to me – and at a time when tens of thousands are dead from a tsunami in the Indian Ocean it seems kind of petty to complain about the rain – but it sure has been persistent. Highlights: Christmas night at Longboard’s Grill, the wind kept blowing the outer doors in, and every time it did a puddle of rainwater would collect on the threshold. We were seated at a table by the big windows over the ocean, which was roiling dramatically below us. It was just wind, not seismic activity, but under the circumstances, one couldn’t help thinking of great walls of water rushing ashore. (We went to Longboard’s, by the way, because it was the only place we could find that was open on Ho Ho night, but we were so charmed by the cheerful service, the low-key atmosphere [tempests notwithstanding] and the carpet of peanut shells that we went back there again Monday night.)

Monday: While we were again at Longboard’s Gran babysat through the storm. We had purchased a baby monitor for this trip, so that we could keep tabs on Baby Dog as she slept in the garage. Gran was a nervous wreck when we got home because the storm made so much noise and the monitor is so sensitive that she couldn’t tell what any of the sounds coming from the garage were. Baby Dog was fine and sleeping soundly, but the next night we let her stay in the house while we were out.

Monday night after we got home: Power flickered and went out, came on again, flickered and went out, came on again, flickered and went out and stayed out for hours. In the morning, Mama Dog put on my raincoat and took Doggie Dog out for a stroll to see the cause. A tree had blown over a few blocks away and hit some power lines. It landed athwart the street, completely blocking traffic. There was a city crew there all day, first sawing it into bits and then grinding the bits up. We saw the exposed stump later on another walk, as wide as our poker table. That must have been some wind.

Tuesday: Mama Dog and Gran went shopping on State Street (that great street, I just wanna say) and found themselves having to go through knee-deep water to cross the street and not a hip-wader in sight.

Then there was last night, holding the umbrella over Mama Dog’s head like a Secret Service agent as we got in and out of the car. Later, we stood in the doorway of the Palace Grill as we waited for our table, watching the rain turn to steam on the outdoor heater.

Supposedly it’s going to rain through to New Year’s Day – and we plan on leaving tomorrow, so it might be a gnarly drive home. Right now it’s let up for a while. Mama Dog’s out with Gran and Baby visiting some Pigeons. I really ought to take the dog out for another one while there’s a window, but he’s already had his morning walk and I’m feeling a little other the weather. Think I’ll have a snack, read my book, and wait for the rain to start up again.
*Fabulous prize to the first person who can correctly name that quote.


Blogger mircat said...

Randy Newman, Louisiana, off Good Old Boys...

My mom said that we were lucky we left when we did on post-Xmas day, the 101 was closed at Gaviota due to mudslides...grrr. But the drive was miserable nonetheless. Best of luck, and keep the rubber side down.

12:57 PM  

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