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Thursday, January 06, 2005

I Take a Sick Day

Technically, I’m back to work full-time now – yes, they pried my Wednesdays off from my cold dead fingers, or rather the need for one of us to have a full-time income did. Today was Baby Dog’s six-month check-up, though, so I decided to take a sick day and come along. It’s turned out to be a very busy day off. After watching poor little baby get four shots, we went off to the mall to exchange some too-small gifts at Gymboree (or, as I like to call it, Gymnasium Boree) and buy a new lamp for Baby Dog’s room at Pottery Barn for Kinder or whatever the hell the place is called. (I am not the retail authority in the family.)

We toyed with the idea of lunching at P.F. Chang’s, but Baby Dog had woken by then and we’re on diets anyway, so we went home to lunch. After lunch, I watched last night’s episode of Lost, which turned out to be my one sluggardly indulgence of the day. Other than what I’m doing now, of course.

After that was errand running. Had to get a blood test for the prostate cancer screening deal I mentioned a while back. I went back to the very same building we’d been to that morning to see the paediatrician – had meant to kill two birds that morning, but I neglected to bring the necessary paperwork with me. After getting stuck and drained, I visited a tonsorial salon to get a little of the Grizzly Adams removed from my face and a trim on my still-short grown out butch. I told the tonsorial consultant to make the hair the same length all the way round my head, from chin to crown. It’s not really as short as I wanted it, but it is uniform. We’re having a family portrait taken this weekend, so Mama Dog wanted me spruced.

Finally, I did some belated Christmas shopping. Yes, that’s what I said. Worse, it’s for Mama Dog. I was working really late hours right up until the time we went to Santa Barbara, and found myself stymied for time. I told her before the big day that I was going to have to give her her present late, and I was still coasting on a world-class anniversary present, so I survive to tell the tale.

You’ll probably think the less of me when I disclose that I did the shopping at Radio Shack. But it’s what she wanted. Honest.

Back home – Mama Dog went out to shop and I sat down to do some freelance work while Baby Dog napped. Managed to get the work partway done by the time baby girl woke up. I changed her, had some play time, and read her a book. Then Mama Dog got back and spelled me while I unloaded the car and then took the dog out for a walk. While Mama Dog made dinner for the big people, I fed Baby Dog some rice cereal and strained pumpkin.

After we dined, I went back to the freelance work and Mama Dog went back to the baby nourishing. Got the freelance work finished about 20 minutes ago, just as Mama Dog brought baby over to say goodnight to me. When I kissed Baby Dog goodnight, she surprised us with a hugely delighted reaction, so I kissed her again, and then again until she started grinning and laughing. It made me think back; have I always had this effect on women? I will ponder.

We’re going to be slothful for a little bit more now, and watch a video. Probably just the first hour or so, but oh well. Then I have to put the dishes away and take the garbage out and then that will be the end of my relaxing day off.


Blogger Twizzle said...

For those of you who are wondering what Papa Dog bought for me at Radio Shack, it was 2 large cans of "Velocity" dust remover spray -- a product over which I am constantly suffering anxiety. When I do have the stuff around, I treat it as though it were made of liquid platinum or some such precious metal, as I am frightened of running out. I use dust remover spray to clean the computer keyboard, telephone keypad, and other things on the desk that collect dust in their crevices. Thank you, Papa Dog! Also, thanks for the 2 cool flashlights!


8:46 PM  

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