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Friday, April 15, 2005

Little Man Urinal Redux

The good news is I had a flash of insight today which I think explains the mystery of the tall guys standing sideways at the little man urinal. While I was making my regular pit stop before leaving work tonight, I happened to glance over at the little man urinal, and was struck by the obvious thing I had overlooked before: there’s only a single baffle between the two urinals. The regular urinal has a wall on the right and the baffle on the left. Anyone using it has a secure zone of privacy. The little man urinal, though, has only the baffle on the right and open air on the left. Anyone making use of it has nothing to intervene between John Q. Public walking in the door and John Q. Thomas attending to bidness. I believe the two tall guys were standing at an angle intending not to face the other urinal, but to face away from the bathroom door. They probably started off adopting a normal stance but made a little half turn when they heard me entering, thus giving me their backs. None of the various little men I’ve seen use it over the years have done that, but perhaps the curvature of the urinal itself provides psychologically adequate coverage for their lower centre of gravity. Mystery maybe solved.

Of course, why the tall guys were using the little man urinal in the first place remains a puzzle.


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