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Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Return to Norbalcy

At long last we have a winner in Papa Dog’s fabulous Everything is back to norble sweepstakes. The winner is that guy from Microsoft, initials JS, formerly known as Colin, formerly known as (for reasons that escape me now) Roger the Shrubber, formerly known as a bunch of things. Well, at least paul will know who I’m talking about. Microsoft guy correctly identified the source of the quote as Mad Magazine. To be precise, it comes from a piece in the December 1968 issue written by Dick DeBartolo and entitled “A Psychedelic Diary.” The premise is that DeBartolo starts the day by dropping acid at the Mad offices, then writes in his diary while he waits for hallucinations to hit. The writing gets wilder and goofier as he trips without realising it. The last entry, after he has ostensibly come down, reads “Everything is back to norbal.” If you’ll notice, that’s “norbal,” not “norble.” This is why the quote was relatively Google-proof; I wrote it from memory without consulting the original text, and got the spelling wrong.

If I have time at work tomorrow I’ll put up a scan of the original page for your delectation. A fabulous prize will be wending its way to the Microsoft guy soon.

Thinking about the old Mad Magazine got me hella nostalgic. Try explaining to the kids today how Mad seemed back then. I used to feel like I hadn’t really seen a movie until I read the Mad parody. I read those things like they were movie reviews. It’s sure not the same thing today, and it’s not just that I’ve gotten older and crabbier. I mean, they accept paid advertising now. Case facking closed.

Other than that – busy busy busy, so I’ve got to keep it short again, pausing only to note that Mama Dog got tuckered out last night when we were still less than half an hour into 48 Hrs. Eddie Murphy isn’t even out of jail yet, for Peet’s* sake.
*The noted coffee chain.


Anonymous Jason said...

Wasn't Larry Dudock "Roger the Shrubber"?

12:05 PM  

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