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Saturday, April 16, 2005

A Ragtag Mishmash of Things Done or Pondered During the Day

So far it’s been another weekend where we had a plenitude of plans and schemes most of which look unlikely to reach fruition by bedtime Sunday. We thought we’d babyproof the house this weekend, but when we sat down to do it we realised we didn’t quite know what that meant. We spent some time compiling a list of things to do. Rather, we meant to spend some time compiling a list of things to do. When we sat down in the living room to commence the compilation, Baby Dog looked so cute on Mama Dog’s lap that I said we should take a picture, and the whole thing devolved into a photo shoot instead. So we’re well along at babyproofing the house if by “babyproofing the house” one means “finally getting a photo of Mama, Baby, and Doggy Dog together to put on my desktop at work.” Basically the same thing. Also, we at least started the list and I removed to the basement one small table that Baby Dog seems always in danger of pulling over on herself.

I did manage to complete one task that’s been on my to-do list for ages. This last visit, Gran brought up a printer that Mama Dog’s dad had acquired for us some months back. It’s an old Laserjet 4 which looks like it’s seen some combat but is still a vast improvement over the piece of shit toploading Laserjet 1100 we had which would jam if there was more than one sheet in the tray. It took all of ten minutes to disconnect the 1100 and connect the 4, and it worked fine when I tested it. It’s technically a slower printer than the 1100, but the fact that you don’t have to hand-feed each sheet makes all the difference in the world. Send a print job and walk away. I’ve been dreaming of that for years. So thanks, Mama Dog’s dad!

I think I’ve noted before how much longer it takes us to watch a movie on video than it used to. Well, it’s gotten just plain ridiculous lately. We received La Dolce Vita from Netflix somewhere around February 25. We returned the last movie we watched before it somewhere around March 7. We probably started watching La Dolce Vita somewhere around March 20 or so. We’ve been trying to finish it for about a month. It’s close to three hours long, but still! We used to go through at least four Netflices in a week. I imagine Mr. Netflix, or whoever in the Netflix clan is responsible for monitoring returns, sitting by the mailbox, fretting. “What’s up with the Duvaliers?” he asks. “They’ve had La Dolce Vita sine February! Damn, I hope they’re okay!” I told Mama Dog this afternoon we simply had to get through the thing soon if only to set Mr. Netflix’s mind at ease. Instead we watched last week’s Survivor. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

For those of you looking for an answer to the norble challenge - patience. I'm going to leave it out there for a week so that all the malingerers who check in infrequently have a chance. I'll give the answer Friday. Hint: the answer actually can be found by Googling, but you have to know the slight error I (unintentionally) made in the quotation.

And lastly, nothing to do with anything and no offence meant to the faithful, but…can someone explain to me why anybody is surprised that so many priests are pedophiles? I mean, who is more likely to be attracted to a life of regimented celibacy than someone who’s completely fucked up about their own sexuality and looking for an outside force to suppress it? Really, the whole system looks almost like it’s designed specifically to produce this result. Am I missing something?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have a netflix suggestion for you (if you and mamadog let me know your username i'll put you on my friend's list for recommendations, and you can put me on yours). one of the best movies my partner and i have ever seen is "musa the warrior." you and mamadog will love it because it has everything--epic quality, romance, great combat sequences, tragedy, humor, multiple characters that go through major arcs in the film, etc.
best from beantown

6:54 AM  

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