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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Another Crappy Little Streak Saver

Well, what do you know? I am in the same boat I was in last night. Well, different boat but same fleet. I have important television watching obligations all night and didn’t have time to post beforehand. I’ll have to limit myself to whatever I can jot down during this commercial break.

I know. It’s been a while since I wrote about Blogshares, but I’ve still been intermittently wasting time with it. This week I decided to finally learn the arcane advanced complicated aspects of the game. Turns out they’re pretty simple too. This weekend I pulled off my first advanced transactions. One of them may come as a surprise to certain readers who also happen to play Blogshares and who have been sitting on the stock for this here faversham for some time now. I did a hostile takeover. Arnold Sphinkter, Daily Cud, you’ve been bought out. Don’t complain – you got three times the market value for your shares – but Papa Dog Inc. has gone private for a little while.


Blogger Brownstein said...

You vicious ass-wanker. If I cared I'd pursue retribution.

7:43 AM  

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